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How to Choose a CCW: Environmental Concealability and Threat Level Considerations

firearms pistol Jan 22, 2019


Deciding you want to conceal carry a firearm is step one. Step two is figuring out which firearm is going to work best for you over a variety of situations.


 Before we get started, let me lead with an important disclaimer.


Newsflash:  One gun will simply not work perfectly for every body type, in every climate, or for every situation.


One gun is definitely better than no gun at all, but to be honest, a well-rounded CCW holder has a variety of guns for a variety of concealed carry purposes.


When deciding which gun to purchase for your CCW, it is important to embrace the fact that you aren’t searching for the best brand of gun but the best weapon for you.


Keyword you.


Not the highest rated weapon on the market or the coolest looking one in the shop, or the one your buddy loves, but a gun that serves you on two fronts:

  1. Concealability
  2. Threat level



Let's start with concealability. When our...

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Uncategorized Dec 18, 2018

What fighting system does Rich Graham use? What does he think is the best system for learning quickly and using effectively without years in the gym or dojo? The NAUKA fighting system is quick to learn the fundamentals, and devastatingly effective. Join Full Spectrum Warrior today and get access to this and much much more. And until the end of 2018, you can get 50% off ... FOREVER!!! Just use the code GIFT50 at checkout and you are all set. Don't miss out, ENROLL TODAY!!

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Adding Tactical Tips to Your Life

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2018

Rich brings you useful Tactical Tips that can be applied if you are in the military, or just enjoy being ready to defend yourself. Everything from how to best tie your boots to painting a rifle or pistol to how to pack a back pack. Don't see the tactical tip you want to know about, send Rich a message so we can add it to the list.

Today's Tactical Tip is about painting a firearm...

From now until the end of the year, you can get all of this awesome information for 50% off...and if you stay active on your membership, you will keep this discount FOREVER!!! Use code GIFT50 at checkout through midnight on 31 December 2018.

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Scope Mounting Advice from a Navy SEAL Sniper

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2018

FSW is constantly adding new content for our subscribers and we still have tons of content that we are preparing to film for you. Now that we have Brandon on board, the visual experience will be so much better. But we don't want you to miss out on all the new content we've added just recently.

So what do you do when you purchase a new scope, or when you buy a rifle/scope combination? Do you remount and zero? Do you leave it alone and hope the last guy set it up properly? In this video Rich addresses these questions and more...

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CMS Prone vs Standard Prone Engagements


We have received many questions about the Combat Mobility System (CMS).  The main concerns normally are about, "why would you do that fancy stuff, and not just get down fast?"   So, we took the opportunity to go to the range and test the movements for time, and what you will see here is the the CMS movements are actually faster, and reduce the chance of injury to the shooter in the process.  So, remember the old saying "work smarter, not harder" and learn more about these techniques here at Full Spectrum Warrior. 

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Survival Tips for Attacks from Elevated Positions

Rich Graham teaches "Active Shooter/Terrorist Response Tactics" to both Law Enforcement and civilians across the country utilizing his "S.L.I.M.E." theory to help increase the odds of survival in these high stress attacks.

This video here was recorded with the utmost respect for the families of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting spree and is not intended to criticize what people should have done, but rather educate those who were not there so they can understand the specifics of an elevated attack and what we can possibly do if we ever find ourselves in such an event.

For more information on how to survive Active Shooter and Terrorist Attacks you can become a Full Spectrum Warrior member today for full access to our training library! 

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Combat Mobility System (CMS)-Standing to Prone Engagement

Rich Graham (Navy SEAL Veteran) explains an option from our Combat Mobility System for engaging the prone position while maintaining both hands on the rifle. In this option here the shooter using a high port technique is able to execute this option with out sweeping the people to his left or right if needed. Again, this is one of many options and is not the only way to approach the prone position.

Safety note: you can practice this with a blue gun or during a dry firing session. To learn more about the Combat Mobility System you can join our Full Spectrum Warrior team.  As a member you will receive many benefits, including access to our always growing training library! 

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