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Honesty: The First Step to Self Improvement

improvement mindset Feb 13, 2024

If you truly want to begin the journey of self-improvement, you have to begin with honesty. In the video above I offer some more insights into this foundation. 

If you are ready to start shoring up those deficiencies you identified from the 2024 Protectors Summit, I invite you to join the FSW Online University with code Protector40 that gives you 40% off the lifetime of your membership. In addition to the over 100 hours of content that will take your shooting, combatives, and mindset to the next level, over the next couple of weeks we will be adding the coach's talks from the 2024 Protectors Summit. 


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Learning from Mistakes: A Lesson in Accountability and Cognitive Training

In a recent range session, I made a significant mistake in front of students. This experience is shared to emphasize the importance of owning up to errors and learning from them.

The Drill: The drill involved shooting targets in a specific order based on the numbers called out. However, I shot the wrong the targets in the wrong order. This seemingly simple mistake carried substantial consequences if this was real life, highlighting the importance of cognitive thinking in training.

Accountability Matters: In firearms training, simple mistakes should viewed in the light of how serious that can be in real life scenarios. Shooting the wrong target in training could be shooting an innocent bystander for a law enforcement officer or accidentally shooting your family member instead of the assailant in a self defense scenario. Parallels Misjudgments can lead to dire consequences, emphasizing the need for accountability.

Cognitive Thinking in Firearms Training: Incorporating cognitive...

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Grateful for the Responsibility of Being a Man by Anthony Rivera

mindset Aug 22, 2023

Grateful for the Responsibility of Being a Man by Anthony Rivera

Below is a Guest Post from Anthony “Riv” Rivera, former Navy SEAL.

Grateful for the Responsibility of Being a Man

1 Corinthians 16:13-14, “be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”

First off, I love being a man! Being given the responsibility to lead, protect, and provide by God is an honor and a privilege. Everyday I thank God that He chose me to have this responsibility. This calling was exponentially easier when I was single and had no children, of course. Anyone who has ever led anything or anyone can attest to this; it is easier to lead one than it is to lead many. Carrying the load of manly responsibility and leadership is challenging all the time. It is a challenge that I accept with open arms because I have faith that God put the challenges in front of me to teach me valuable lessons like humility, self-respect, partnership,...

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How should Steven Crowder's actions reflect how I view Christians

christian mindset May 02, 2023

How disappointed are we when people we have placed on pedestals fail or make mistakes?

Do you remember when you looked up to someone and they failed?

Unfortunately, humans make mistakes and fall short. You shouldn't view Christianity based on the actions of fallible people.

Instead, you must view it through the teachings of Jesus Christ. That is the Truth.

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Intro to the Protector's Summit

Elliot Hulse invited me onto his podcast and we had a chance to really discuss the Protector's Summit.

If you are on the fence about going, give this a view and then get your ticket for the 2023 event.

Sign up here.


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Free Will

mindset Nov 01, 2022

What are your thoughts? Love to hear them below.

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The Threat of Distractions

mindset Oct 18, 2022

Have you thought about the consequences of that distraction or that excuse and what it could cost you?


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Protector's Mindset

home protection mindset Jun 28, 2022

Perspective and mindset can make all the difference. Identifying and understanding our battles and challenges both physically and spiritually is very important.

We can't fight something we don't know is attacking us and when we do take on the challenge we need to do it with the right mentality.

Join us in the FSW University and watch the full talks from the great range of coaches during our last Protectors Summit!

Enroll in the Full Spectrum Warriors University

Sign up for the next Protectors Summit

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3 Key Things To Do To Reach Long Term Achievement

mindset Jan 11, 2022

In this video, Rich gives three tips to keep you on track for your goal setting.

1. First, use this filter: "Does this decision get me closer or further from goals?"

2. Pretend the world is watching.

3. You have to believe that you are capable of achieving the goal you set.

Members of the FSW can check out more on mindset with the Get Your Head under the Boat Series.

Not yet a member? Sign up here and get instant access to the complete FSW University Library.

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The Year to Say "No"

mindset Jan 04, 2022

Are you sick of hoping that one day it'll go back to "normal?"

I challenge you at the beginning of this new year, 2022, to be the change you want to see in the world. It's up to us.

And the change is very simple. Just say, "No."

No to mandatory jabs, no to upholding draconian mandates.

Just don't do it. The power in saying "No" is profound. They wield whatever power you give to them. Stop doing it.

As I mention in the video, one of the team members on FSW that helps out on the backend stuff is stuck in Saudi Arabia for not getting the jab. His company terminated him when he wouldn't bow down to the vaccine mandates and are withholding his exit visa until he pays them the roughly 75,000 USD they claim he owes. For more on the story and to help out his family please check out their GiveSendGo. Anything would help.


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