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Nefarious Movie Review and What was Written in the Book at the End

christian May 16, 2023

Have you ever come across the book "Outwitting the Devil" by Napoleon Hill, written way back in 1938? It's a pretty intriguing read that actually features an interview with the devil, just like in the movie Nefarious. Surprisingly, this book caused quite a stir and was kept hidden from the public for a whopping 70 years! Can you believe it? If you're curious to know more, I suggest checking out the video for some fascinating insights!

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How should Steven Crowder's actions reflect how I view Christians

christian mindset May 02, 2023

How disappointed are we when people we have placed on pedestals fail or make mistakes?

Do you remember when you looked up to someone and they failed?

Unfortunately, humans make mistakes and fall short. You shouldn't view Christianity based on the actions of fallible people.

Instead, you must view it through the teachings of Jesus Christ. That is the Truth.

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Compromising Posture Limits Power

combatives nauka Apr 25, 2023

You can gain control by compromising your opponent's posture. Take a look at the video above.

For more on combatives check out the Nauka series on the FSW Warrior Training Library. Not yet a member? Join here and get instant access to the Nauka series as well as the rest of the library and the community of Full Spectrum Warriors.

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Leadership Skills?

ask rich leadership Apr 04, 2023

This is the first in the series of Ask Rich Questions. These videos will be in the Team Room of the FSW Membership.

The topics for these segments come from the FSW Members themselves. If you are a member, and would like to ask Rich something, be sure to post your questions in the FSW Ask Rich page.

Not yet a member? You can sign up here and get instant access to the Ask Rich page plus the rest of the FSW Training Library.


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Three Types of North on your Map

land nav orienteering Mar 28, 2023


Do you know the three types of North on a map?

If you wish to learn more about Land Nav or Orienteering and are not yet ready to attend a live course, check out the new Land Nav Module published on the Full Spectrum Warrior University. If you aren't a member yet, you can sign up here and get instant access to this course as well of the rest of the FSW Library.

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Another Common Mistake when Shooting around Barriers

When shooting around barriers, are you using the pivot point correctly?

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Common Mistake when Shooting around barriers

Make sure your shoulder is behind your front sight post when engaging targets when shooting around barriers.

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Why Honesty Is Crucial for Precision Rifle and Life

lifestyle long range Feb 21, 2023

Communication is key and we can be more effective when we are honest with those we are working with.

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Streamlining the Movements on Your Rifle Malfunction

afoam Jan 17, 2023

Why are you putting your hands where you put them while dealing with a rifle malfunction?

Does it make the most sense to do it the way you are doing it?

In today's video, I share some tips for streamlining movements for a rifle malfunction.

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How To Get Over a Short Obstacle with Rifle and Sling Using a Double Handed Vault Technique

Short excerpt from our Combat Mobility series discussing weapons management and the use of different sling set ups on our online university. I put this series together because as much as these topics seem like common sense, watching students navigate our Combat Mobility Conditioning Course I have seen a lot students fighting with gear and getting tripped up and tangled. Hopefully this series and this video here will help streamline the learning curve for everyone.

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