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Accuracy Under Stress Drill


In this drill we will be working multiple shooting positions with rifle and pistol at ranges from 12-100 yards.  

Equipment Needed:

12” Steel or Paper Targets

8” Steel or Paper Targets


Rifle Sling (Optional)



Ear Pro


Range set up:

Step 1: Place a marker at the 12, 25, 50, and 100 yard lines.  Make sure the markers don't obstruct your view of the target from the 100 yard line while laying prone.

Step 2: Place a 12" (body) and an 8" (head) target at the zero yard line.  The 12" target will be for rifle shots only and the 8" for pistol shots only. 

Step 3: Load one magazine for your rifle and one for your pistol.  You will need a minimum of 13 shots for the rifle and 5 shots for your pistol.

*Optional: Place a barrel or table at the 12 yard line position next to you if you do not have a sling for your rifle.  This way, you can place your rifle on the table or barrel while you shoot your pistol.  If you don't...

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Ian Smith: Destruction Through Progress

mindset Mar 19, 2024
Full Spectrum Warrior
Ian Smith: Destruction Through Progress

In the most recent episode of the Full Spectrum Warrior Podcast I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ian Smith, gym owner turned political candidate. His story is one I hope inspires you to do just as he did, do the right thing, even when it's hard. Give the show a listen.

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Is Your Pre-Shot Routine Slowing You Down?

When it comes to shooting proficiency, there's no substitute for a well-honed pre-shot routine. Whether you're a beginner stepping onto the firing line for the first time or a seasoned shooter looking to refine your skills, mastering this critical aspect of marksmanship is essential.

In our training sessions, we've encountered individuals from various backgrounds. Some are new to shooting, while others have spent considerable time on static ranges. Regardless of experience level, many have developed less-than-ideal pre-shot routines that hinder their performance.

Unlike the serene atmosphere of a golf course, where players leisurely prepare for their swing, real-life self-defense situations demand rapid, precise action under immense pressure. That's why it's crucial to cultivate a pre-shot routine that not only enhances accuracy but also operates seamlessly within the fluid motion of presenting your firearm.

In our recent discussion, we explored the significance of integrating key...

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Muzzle Discipline

afoam muzzle discipline Mar 05, 2024

This is old school clip, back in the Trident Fitness days but it still drives home my point about muzzle discipline being your responsibility.

Members of the FSW Online membership can take their muzzle discipline to the next level with Combat Mobility System here. 

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Honesty: The First Step to Self Improvement

improvement mindset Feb 13, 2024

If you truly want to begin the journey of self-improvement, you have to begin with honesty. In the video above I offer some more insights into this foundation. 

If you are ready to start shoring up those deficiencies you identified from the 2024 Protectors Summit, I invite you to join the FSW Online University with code Protector40 that gives you 40% off the lifetime of your membership. In addition to the over 100 hours of content that will take your shooting, combatives, and mindset to the next level, over the next couple of weeks we will be adding the coach's talks from the 2024 Protectors Summit. 


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Learning from Mistakes: A Lesson in Accountability and Cognitive Training

In a recent range session, I made a significant mistake in front of students. This experience is shared to emphasize the importance of owning up to errors and learning from them.

The Drill: The drill involved shooting targets in a specific order based on the numbers called out. However, I shot the wrong the targets in the wrong order. This seemingly simple mistake carried substantial consequences if this was real life, highlighting the importance of cognitive thinking in training.

Accountability Matters: In firearms training, simple mistakes should viewed in the light of how serious that can be in real life scenarios. Shooting the wrong target in training could be shooting an innocent bystander for a law enforcement officer or accidentally shooting your family member instead of the assailant in a self defense scenario. Parallels Misjudgments can lead to dire consequences, emphasizing the need for accountability.

Cognitive Thinking in Firearms Training: Incorporating cognitive...

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Long-Term Food Storage with Ready Wise

long term survival Dec 19, 2023

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about how I'm prepping for the crazy news and the changing landscape we're witnessing, especially with governments talking about shutting down farms and pushing lab-grown food. It's a wild ride, and we need to be ready for anything.

In my YouTube video above, I talked about the game plan I've been working on, addressing both short-term and long-term strategies for food preparation. Let's dive into it.

Short-term Game Plan: ReadyWise to the Rescue

Alright, so first the short-term game plan. We all know it's not feasible to start a farm overnight. That's a long-term play. So, for immediate concerns, I've invested in ReadyWise's one-month kit. It's lightweight, easy to transport, and waterproof – perfect for when you need to move quickly.

Supplementing Nutrition: Adding a Protein Punch

Now, I'm all for being prepared, and that means addressing the potential shortcomings of traditional emergency food. These short-term meal kits are...

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FSW Protectors Summit

protector's summit Nov 07, 2023

Are you ready to become the ultimate guardian of your loved ones, both physically and spiritually? The world is an unpredictable place, and it’s our responsibility as men to ensure the safety and security of our families and communities. The Full Spectrum Warrior Protectors Summit® (FSW Protectors Summit®) is here to empower you for this vital mission.

Event Details

The FSW Protectors Summit® is a unique 3-Day Event designed exclusively for men. Please note that a co-ed Protectors Summit® is held in July, focusing on family protection. For the upcoming November event, take advantage of the early registration discount of $500, available until Nov. 10th. To secure your discount, consult your coach for their code or use code “FSWGRAHAM” when registering.

What is the FSW Protectors Summit®?

The Full Spectrum Warrior Protectors Summit® is a hands-on Leadership and Combatives weekend, offering participants the opportunity to train with elite...

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Mastering Cross-Eye Shooting: A Tactical Guide

afoam handgun Oct 31, 2023


Welcome to another Tactical Tuesday Tip. Cross-eye shooting might not be a common but I see it enough on the range that it’s important to understand how to make the most of it. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of proper body position, aligning your sights with your dominant eye, and the benefits of this technique in various shooting situations.

The Problem with Cross-Eye Shooting

Cross-eye shooting occurs when someone’s handedness (left or right) does not align with their dominant eye. This leads to awkward body positioning and head movements, making it challenging to maintain accuracy and stability while shooting. This issue becomes even more problematic when you’re in high-stress situations or need to engage in dynamic shooting scenarios like moving and shooting, cutting angles, and using cover and concealment.

The Importance of Body Position

The foundation of effective shooting, whether you’re dealing with cross-eye...

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