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Drawing From the Seated Position

How sick is it in movies when the bad guy storms in and the hero of the scene slides back from their seated position, flips the table in the process, and engages the threat?

Although great for movies, flipping tables may not be the best option. In the video above, I demonstrate how to place your feet so as you stand to engage the threat, your chair is pushed backwards, giving you the space you need.

Be sure to check out the calendar for the next concealed carry combatives course.

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Building through a layered approach

k9 Mar 22, 2022

Two weeks ago, I shared a info on a presentation I did regarding the Art of the Handler in preparation for the K9 Social Summit hosted here at Deepwoods last week.

For this week’s tip, I’d like to share with you that progression happens through a layered approach.

Dogs just like people learn new skills with time and exposure. When a foundational skill becomes proficient, you take that skill and complicate it. Need an example?

One of the most important skills in life is stability. A dog needs to essentially behave when things are calm
as well as when they are chaotic. For the handler, we’ve termed this skill as “critical thinking under stress”.

To start, we place dogs and handlers in a calm environment with no stress, little noise, and few distractions to test their basic obedience levels. From there, we placed them through a series of environments with and without gunfire as a distraction. This tested the dogs’ ability to stay obedient and the...

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Active Shooter Response: The "Anchor-Man" Position

This is a brief excerpt from the Protector's Summit breakout on the Active Shooter Response Topic.

When confronted with an active shooter with no option but to fight back, the "Anchor Man" is a huge role to fulfill for survival. This short clip touches on a couple key points from Nauka as well.

Members of the FSW University are highly encouraged to check out both the rest of the Active Shooter Response Modules as well as the Nauka Fighting Series.

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Art of the K9 Handler

k9 Mar 08, 2022

In preparation for the upcoming K9 Social Summit hosted by Full Spectrum Warrior and Xena's Pack, I wanted to highlight my talk from the 2018 K9 Cop Conference, "The Art of the K9 Handler."

 One of the huge takeaways that everyone misses when they see incredible dogs at work, be it in a home protection scenario, skydiving, or apprehending bad guys, is that the dogs success is directly impacted by the handler's ability and leadership. Just as a sniper is still a sniper even though he's shooting a different weapon, a good handler is still a handler no matter which dog is in his care.

Now if you want to improve your skills as a handler or even as dog owner, come join us March 16th-20th at Deepwoods USA to learn dog deployments, K9 First Aid, tracking, photography, decoying and more. In addition to a wide array of Instructors to learn from, come hang out and participate in the dog obstacle course or pull up a chair and enjoy the food trucks with a like-minded community of dog...

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Intro to Vehicle Combatives Series

combatives vehicle Mar 01, 2022

This is an excerpt from the Introduction video in Vehicle Combatives series that is now live on the FSW University.

The Vehicle Combatives Series contains 9 videos that cover the overview of fighting in and around vehicles, how to exit the vehicle, the different options for cover and concealment, angles, how to maneuver around passengers, and finally how to practice it at home and on the range.

Members can complete the course here.

Not yet a member but want to join? Go sign up here and then get instant access to this series as well as access to the rest of the FSW Training Library.

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Hinge Technique for Object Clearing

combat mobility system Feb 22, 2022

Check out this video for the hinge technique from the combat mobility system.

Members of the FSW University can check out the rest of the combat mobility system series here.

Not yet a member? Consider joining today and get instant access to the complete Full Spectrum Warrior Library.

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Tip For Compressed Pistol Position In Vehicle

vehicle Feb 15, 2022

This is another snippet from the upcoming Vehicle Comabtives Training Course on the FSW University.

In this brief excerpt from our Vehicle Combatives series on the FSW University we are discussing the importance of engaging from compression inside the vehicle. There are a number of reasons for this one of which is dealing with engagements at the window when on your shooting hand side. Here is one option we have to help navigate such situation.

*side note: as a lefty I demonstrate all of these techniques in the full version right handed as well since few of us are lefties. This is also why I got switched up on my hands bc the prior clip I was demonstrating right handed procedures.

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Panning the Horizontal Plane

afoam cms Feb 08, 2022

A common error when coming up over a horizontal surface is not being aware of where your weapon is in relation to the obstacle. Don't do that!

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Don't Lay on the Hood!

vehicle Feb 01, 2022

Many times we see shooters utilize the hood of a vehicle as cover but lean or lay over top it to stabilize their pistols shots. This technique creates a very dangerous situation for the person using the cover as near misses tend to become actual impacts from crowding the cover. By staying at least 3 or more feet (more space is better in most situations) back from the cover, you increase the chance shots that are deflected have enough space for the bullet to take the round off course and miss the shooter using the cover.

Stay tuned for the vehicle combatives being added to the FSW University in the next couple of weeks.

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Benefits of Bringing Your Pistol to Your Line of Sight

Here is a short excerpt from a fundamentals course we ran out here on the ranch. Many times when new shooters get started we see them adjusting their heads to their sight vs bringing their sights up in front of their eyes. This can lead to poor body position, losing focus of the target during weapon manipulations and the potential of never acquiring the sights at all under stressful situations (looking over the pistol).

Here are a few tips and things your can do to help make sure that you can properly acquire you sights and watch the "field" through your weapon manipulations.  For more information and a deeper dive into these specific fundamentals join us on the FSW University and check out these 3 training series:
-The Combat Mobility System
-Training The High Ready Position
-6 Fundamentals For Defensive Pistol

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