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Drawing from a Vehicle

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

Last week we talked about bailing from a vehicle. Today is drawing from a vehicle.

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Bailing from a Vehicle

vehicle Apr 14, 2020

Rich Graham discusses techniques for bailing from a vehicle in a gunfight.


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Strategic Thinking Under Stress

Rich discusses the role of strategic thinking under stress after demonstrating a shooting drill with Nicholas Davenport of Mind.Body.1.

While the muscle memory skillset is important, a shooter also needs to development quick and accurate thinking under stress. For more on cognitive thinking under stress check out Nicholas Davenport's Cognitive Conditioning at Full Spectrum Warrior.

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How to build core strength

core kettlebell Mar 31, 2020

Ready to build core strength for combatives? Do one sided exercises.

Members of the FSW membership can join the 90 day kettlebell challenge.

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Ambi Shooting with Carbine

combat mobility system Mar 24, 2020

Rich gives some techniques for shooting around either side of cover.

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Opportunity in Adversity

mindset Mar 20, 2020

How will you find the opportunity in the midst of chaos and confusion?

Make the most of those opportunities and come out on top.

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Clearing Obstacles in kit

combat mobility system Mar 10, 2020

Rich gives a couple techniques for getting over a low wall.

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O-Course Mobility

combat mobility system Mar 03, 2020

Tips for managing your weapon while navigating an obstacle course.

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Find your target at long range

long range Feb 25, 2020

Rich gives a tip for finding your target at long range.

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Try this 7 minute Upper Body Warm-up

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

Looking for a new warm-up? Try this 7 minute upper body warm-up to limber up and get your body ready for more intense movements.

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