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The Importance of Natural Point of Aim and Follow Through

long range shooting Mar 02, 2021

In this video, Rich shares the importance of the natural point of aim.

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Are Tall Shooting Sticks Stupid?

long range shooting Feb 23, 2021


In this video, Rich shares his thoughts on how to properly use shooting sticks or a monopod.


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The Four Components necessary for long range accuracy

long range shooting Jun 04, 2019

Today Rich Graham of Full Spectrum Warrior discusses the 4 components necessary to achieve long range accuracy after a brief discussion on MOA.

The 4 Components:

1. The Weapon System
2. The Scope
3. Ammunition
4. The Shooter

All four most be in concert to achieve accuracy.

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Natural Point of Aim

long range shooting Feb 12, 2019

In this video, Rich Graham discusses using natural point of aim in long range shooting.

For more videos on long range shooting, become a member of Full Spectrum Warrior today.

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