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Compromising Posture Limits Power

combatives nauka Apr 25, 2023

You can gain control by compromising your opponent's posture. Take a look at the video above.

For more on combatives check out the Nauka series on the FSW Warrior Training Library. Not yet a member? Join here and get instant access to the Nauka series as well as the rest of the library and the community of Full Spectrum Warriors.

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Getting off line and stacking

In this video I demonstrate running backwards vs getting offline and how to use stacking to your advantage.

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Point Shoot and Defend at the Same Time Concealed Carry Combatives Drill

Continuing from our last weeks video on Concealed Carry Combatives we also have to take into consideration:
1-our point shooting from the hip (as many practice) might not hit the target when we are both moving
2-that one shot may not immediately stop the threat especially with a pistol caliber so anticipate that you will need multiple impacts and more time addressing the threat
3-the attacker will most likely not stop after one attempted strike and will chase and continue to attack
4-point shooting can be done with hands high you you can look done the slide of the pistol for better accuracy and a more defensive position


Check out our course calendar for the next concealed carry combatives course.

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How to Engage a Threat From Your Back Create Space and Stand Up

Many street fights go to the ground and we may find ourselves in a situation where we need to create space and manage our firearm to engage the attacker and keep our guard up while creating space to safely stand. Here is a quick excerpt from last weeks Concealed Carry Combatives training.

Check our course calendar for the next concealed carry combatives course.

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Drawing From the Seated Position

How sick is it in movies when the bad guy storms in and the hero of the scene slides back from their seated position, flips the table in the process, and engages the threat?

Although great for movies, flipping tables may not be the best option. In the video above, I demonstrate how to place your feet so as you stand to engage the threat, your chair is pushed backwards, giving you the space you need.

Be sure to check out the calendar for the next concealed carry combatives course.

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Active Shooter Response: The "Anchor-Man" Position

This is a brief excerpt from the Protector's Summit breakout on the Active Shooter Response Topic.

When confronted with an active shooter with no option but to fight back, the "Anchor Man" is a huge role to fulfill for survival. This short clip touches on a couple key points from Nauka as well.

Members of the FSW University are highly encouraged to check out both the rest of the Active Shooter Response Modules as well as the Nauka Fighting Series.

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Intro to Vehicle Combatives Series

combatives vehicle Mar 01, 2022

This is an excerpt from the Introduction video in Vehicle Combatives series that is now live on the FSW University.

The Vehicle Combatives Series contains 9 videos that cover the overview of fighting in and around vehicles, how to exit the vehicle, the different options for cover and concealment, angles, how to maneuver around passengers, and finally how to practice it at home and on the range.

Members can complete the course here.

Not yet a member but want to join? Go sign up here and then get instant access to this series as well as access to the rest of the FSW Training Library.

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Upgrading Your Strikes with a Carabiner

In today's tip, Rich shares how to use an item you can carry pretty much anywhere as an improvised weapon to upgrade your strikes.

Members of the FSW can check out more videos on these tips here and here.


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