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Accuracy Under Stress Drill


In this drill we will be working multiple shooting positions with rifle and pistol at ranges from 12-100 yards.  

Equipment Needed:

12” Steel or Paper Targets

8” Steel or Paper Targets


Rifle Sling (Optional)



Ear Pro


Range set up:

Step 1: Place a marker at the 12, 25, 50, and 100 yard lines.  Make sure the markers don't obstruct your view of the target from the 100 yard line while laying prone.

Step 2: Place a 12" (body) and an 8" (head) target at the zero yard line.  The 12" target will be for rifle shots only and the 8" for pistol shots only. 

Step 3: Load one magazine for your rifle and one for your pistol.  You will need a minimum of 13 shots for the rifle and 5 shots for your pistol.

*Optional: Place a barrel or table at the 12 yard line position next to you if you do not have a sling for your rifle.  This way, you can place your rifle on the table or barrel while you shoot your pistol.  If you don't...

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