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Accuracy Under Stress Drill


In this drill we will be working multiple shooting positions with rifle and pistol at ranges from 12-100 yards.  

Equipment Needed:

12” Steel or Paper Targets

8” Steel or Paper Targets


Rifle Sling (Optional)



Ear Pro


Range set up:

Step 1: Place a marker at the 12, 25, 50, and 100 yard lines.  Make sure the markers don't obstruct your view of the target from the 100 yard line while laying prone.

Step 2: Place a 12" (body) and an 8" (head) target at the zero yard line.  The 12" target will be for rifle shots only and the 8" for pistol shots only. 

Step 3: Load one magazine for your rifle and one for your pistol.  You will need a minimum of 13 shots for the rifle and 5 shots for your pistol.

*Optional: Place a barrel or table at the 12 yard line position next to you if you do not have a sling for your rifle.  This way, you can place your rifle on the table or barrel while you shoot your pistol.  If you don't have these at the range, simply place your rifle on the ground facing down range at this point of the drill.  If you have a sling, just let the rifle hang while shooting your pistol.  

Drill Specifics:

  •  Start at the zero yard target with pistol holstered.
  •  Keep your rifle at the low or high ready position for safety as you are running back towards the safe zone away from the berm. 
  •  If shooting steel plates, stay at each position until you hit your target the given number of times before proceeding to the next position.

When the Clock Starts:

  1. Run from the target to the 100 yard line (keeping your gun pointed in a safe direction the entire time). Turn down range and assume the prone (belly) position.  With your rifle, engage the target for 3 hits.
  2. Stand up and run to the 50 yard line and drop into the kneeling position and engage the target for 3 hits with your rifle.
  3. Stand up and run to the 25 yard line and drop into the squatting position and engage the target for 3 hits with your rifle.
  4. Stand up and run to the 12 yard line and engage the target for 3 hits with rifle from the standing position, then transition to your pistol and engage the 8" target for 5 hits.
  5. Holster your pistol, and safely orientate your rifle. Run back to the 100 yard line and resume the position for one final hit on the 12" target and stop the clock.


  •  Paper Targets: Calculate your total score time by taking your clock time to complete challenge and adding 5 seconds for each miss.  
  •  Steel Targets: Total time recorded.

Safety Notices: 

  •  Check with your specific range and make sure you have authorization to run up and back on the 100 yards safely without being down range of other shooters.
  •  The clock doesn’t stop until both guns are clear and safe.


Post your time in the comments!

Members of the FSW Online University can check out more progressions of this drill here.

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