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Arm Slides for Mobility

mobility movement Jan 05, 2021

Working a simple but effective shoulder mobility drill today. Regardless if you have had a shoulder injury in the past or not, this series is a great way to keep your upper body fluid and to maintain strength. Our focus throughout this exercise is to maintain contact with the wall from start to finish, making sure not to arch our back or extend our neck away from the wall in order to compensate for lack of mobility and strength in our shoulders. Focus in on opening your chest while maintaining contact with the wall with slow and steady arm movements.

This is just one of many mobility exercises we can do. Join now and get instant access to the rest of our extensive training library.

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Standing to Supine

Rich Graham of Full Spectrum Warrior gives a functional progression from the standing position to the supine position by offering a glimpse into the Combat Mobility System.

The Combat Mobility System is a comprehensive guide to the efficient movement with firearms.

Learn how to move better, more efficiently and more effectively while also reducing the chance of injury in dynamic environments.

Members of the Full Spectrum Warrior can access the Combat Mobility System library here.

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Combat Mobility System (CMS)-Standing to Prone Engagement

Rich Graham (Navy SEAL Veteran) explains an option from our Combat Mobility System for engaging the prone position while maintaining both hands on the rifle. In this option here the shooter using a high port technique is able to execute this option with out sweeping the people to his left or right if needed. Again, this is one of many options and is not the only way to approach the prone position.

Safety note: you can practice this with a blue gun or during a dry firing session. To learn more about the Combat Mobility System you can join our Full Spectrum Warrior team.  As a member you will receive many benefits, including access to our always growing training library! 

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