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Accuracy Under Stress Drill


In this drill we will be working multiple shooting positions with rifle and pistol at ranges from 12-100 yards.  

Equipment Needed:

12” Steel or Paper Targets

8” Steel or Paper Targets


Rifle Sling (Optional)



Ear Pro


Range set up:

Step 1: Place a marker at the 12, 25, 50, and 100 yard lines.  Make sure the markers don't obstruct your view of the target from the 100 yard line while laying prone.

Step 2: Place a 12" (body) and an 8" (head) target at the zero yard line.  The 12" target will be for rifle shots only and the 8" for pistol shots only. 

Step 3: Load one magazine for your rifle and one for your pistol.  You will need a minimum of 13 shots for the rifle and 5 shots for your pistol.

*Optional: Place a barrel or table at the 12 yard line position next to you if you do not have a sling for your rifle.  This way, you can place your rifle on the table or barrel while you shoot your pistol.  If you don't...

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Learning from Mistakes: A Lesson in Accountability and Cognitive Training

In a recent range session, I made a significant mistake in front of students. This experience is shared to emphasize the importance of owning up to errors and learning from them.

The Drill: The drill involved shooting targets in a specific order based on the numbers called out. However, I shot the wrong the targets in the wrong order. This seemingly simple mistake carried substantial consequences if this was real life, highlighting the importance of cognitive thinking in training.

Accountability Matters: In firearms training, simple mistakes should viewed in the light of how serious that can be in real life scenarios. Shooting the wrong target in training could be shooting an innocent bystander for a law enforcement officer or accidentally shooting your family member instead of the assailant in a self defense scenario. Parallels Misjudgments can lead to dire consequences, emphasizing the need for accountability.

Cognitive Thinking in Firearms Training: Incorporating cognitive...

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"Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast" or "Fast Is Fast"

Rich shares his thoughts on which one he believes is correct and how to get fast.

Check the calendar for the next Strategic Thinking Under Stress so you can test what you've trained.


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How to develop thinking shooters

This is brief excerpt from a strategic thinking under stress course with Nick Davenport of Mindbody1.

Shooting well is just one part of operating a firearm proficiently. In addition, it is critical to develop the ability to think quickly and make appropriate decisions.

Be sure to tune into the podcast episode 34 with Nick to learn more about this skillset.

Members of the of FSW University can check out more of Nick's videos here.

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