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Compromising Posture Limits Power

combatives nauka Apr 25, 2023

You can gain control by compromising your opponent's posture. Take a look at the video above.

For more on combatives check out the Nauka series on the FSW Warrior Training Library. Not yet a member? Join here and get instant access to the Nauka series as well as the rest of the library and the community of Full Spectrum Warriors.

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Active Shooter Response: The "Anchor-Man" Position

This is a brief excerpt from the Protector's Summit breakout on the Active Shooter Response Topic.

When confronted with an active shooter with no option but to fight back, the "Anchor Man" is a huge role to fulfill for survival. This short clip touches on a couple key points from Nauka as well.

Members of the FSW University are highly encouraged to check out both the rest of the Active Shooter Response Modules as well as the Nauka Fighting Series.

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Nauka Face Clinch

nauka Nov 08, 2021

This face clinch comes from the Nauka Fighting System. 

Members can explore more of the Nauka Fighting System at the FSW University.


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Upgrading Your Strikes with a Carabiner

In today's tip, Rich shares how to use an item you can carry pretty much anywhere as an improvised weapon to upgrade your strikes.

Members of the FSW can check out more videos on these tips here and here.


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How to use the GripKnife when your muzzle gets pinned

gripknife nauka Dec 29, 2020

 One of the most common ready positions utilized with a rifle is the "low ready" technique. This might be when rounding a corner or even when a Law Enforcement Officer is simply standing guard. The muzzle is pointed down in a safe direction until brought up and aimed at the threat. If we are not careful the attacker can pin the rifle with the muzzle down. As the attacker applies downward force on our rifle it makes it extremely hard to raise our rifle up to engage them with effective shots. Here is a counter attack we can utilize with the Gripknife when in this situation!

FSW Online Training members will be entered in a drawing for a GripKnife on Jan 1st.


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Best Kick for Self-Defense NAUKA Hack Strike

nauka Dec 22, 2020

When defending yourself against an attacker outside of a sport environment going to the ground can add many complications to the fight especially if there is more then one attacker. One of the self defense kick strikes we can practice is the NAUKA Hack Strike. Similar to a stomp kick, the Hack strike allows the you to stay standing and deliver a very powerful blow to the attacker with out committing yourself to the ground. Staying upright will also give you a better vantage point for other attackers joining into the scuffle and the ability to run away or create distance when you see the opportunity to do so.

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Weapon Striking

afoam nauka Dec 01, 2020

In this video, I demonstrate a common thought process from students regarding weapon striking and a different way to think about it.


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Flashlight Clinch

combatives nauka Dec 24, 2019

Rich demonstrates how to clinch with improvised weapons in your hand.

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Check out Part 1 of 3 of the Nauka Introduction and Strikes Series

combatives nauka Feb 08, 2019

This video is the first installment of the three part Nauka Introduction and Strike Series on the FSW Membership. Rich discusses Nauka, where it originated, mindset, and the liquid guard and how its different than sport fighting.

Members of FSW have access to this three part series as well as the rest of the Nauka Strikes and Drills videos.

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