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FSW Protectors Summit

protector's summit Nov 07, 2023

Are you ready to become the ultimate guardian of your loved ones, both physically and spiritually? The world is an unpredictable place, and it’s our responsibility as men to ensure the safety and security of our families and communities. The Full Spectrum Warrior Protectors Summit® (FSW Protectors Summit®) is here to empower you for this vital mission.

Event Details

The FSW Protectors Summit® is a unique 3-Day Event designed exclusively for men. Please note that a co-ed Protectors Summit® is held in July, focusing on family protection. For the upcoming November event, take advantage of the early registration discount of $500, available until Nov. 10th. To secure your discount, consult your coach for their code or use code “FSWGRAHAM” when registering.

What is the FSW Protectors Summit®?

The Full Spectrum Warrior Protectors Summit® is a hands-on Leadership and Combatives weekend, offering participants the opportunity to train with elite...

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AAR Achievers Summit

What a weekend! If you have always wondered what a Achievers or Protectors is like or what to expect, check out the after action report!

Keep your eyes on the calendar for the next one.

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FSW Lifestyle

This video is from the 2022 FSW Protectors Summit. Rich covers the FSW Lifestyle and how using it as a guidepost can positively impact your life.

The next Protectors Summit is scheduled for Feb. 3rd-5th, 2023 at Deepwoods USA. Early bird pricing is in effect until Dec. 7th so get your tickets now and then take an additional 10% off with the code GRAHAM10 at check out.

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Intro to the Protector's Summit

Elliot Hulse invited me onto his podcast and we had a chance to really discuss the Protector's Summit.

If you are on the fence about going, give this a view and then get your ticket for the 2023 event.

Sign up here.


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