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Intro to the Protector's Summit

Elliot Hulse invited me onto his podcast and we had a chance to really discuss the Protector's Summit.

If you are on the fence about going, give this a view and then get your ticket for the 2023 event.

Sign up here.


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Getting off line and stacking

In this video I demonstrate running backwards vs getting offline and how to use stacking to your advantage.

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Full Spectrum Warrior Pillars: Taking Ownership and Being Honest

In this video I cover the first sword or pillar in the Full Spectrum Warrior Lifestyle: Taking ownership and Being Honest.

There is no growth potential without being able to take a realistic look at where you are currently and how you got there. But this step isn't complete until you own the actions that it took to get there without blaming other people.

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Free Will

mindset Nov 01, 2022

What are your thoughts? Love to hear them below.

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The Threat of Distractions

mindset Oct 18, 2022

Have you thought about the consequences of that distraction or that excuse and what it could cost you?


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"Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast" or "Fast Is Fast"

Rich shares his thoughts on which one he believes is correct and how to get fast.

Check the calendar for the next Strategic Thinking Under Stress so you can test what you've trained.


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Body Armor Employment For Families

body armor family Sep 13, 2022


In a continuation of the FSW Family series, this video shares a quick thought for body armor employment for a family protection scenario.


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Stacking for Families


In this video, one of the Full Spectrum Warrior families takes the time to train together, figure out what works, and what doesn't. 

As you can see, it may not always work out perfectly, but hey, that's why you train. 

When getting the little ones involved, make it fun!

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5 Tips for FSW Families

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2022

Here in Florida, school started back up two weeks ago. As September draws closer, many more families will start to close out their Summer holidays and switch gears into a new school year.

Over the next few weeks, Tactical Tuesdays will focus specifically on families and how you can begin to incorporate certain concepts into everyday life.

There are several small but impactful drills you can practice with your children to help improve their situational awareness, positioning, and communication.

Here are some quick tips and tricks:

    1.    “Hand on the Car.” Have your child place their hand on the car while you’re opening doors, moving the shopping cart into position, or grabbing something out of the back. There are magnets out there you can use as a visual, or you can direct them to place their hand on the fuel cap door. By placing their hand on the car, you’re giving their mind and body a job to do therefore keeping them...

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