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Nauka Face Clinch

nauka Nov 09, 2021

This face clinch comes from the Nauka Fighting System. 

Members can explore more of the Nauka Fighting System at the FSW University.


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How To Reduce Swaying While Walking and Shooting

Many of us are familiar with rolling our feet heel to toe and keeping the knees bent to steady the rifle while shooting on the move. Here we breakdown the body mechanics even further with some students on the range. Walking with a wider stance and/or feet on an angle will make your hips sway left to right as you walk making your sites sway across the target side to side. By keeping you feet straight and walking with your feet narrow (like walking a tight rope) you will immediately see a reduction in sway while you move. Hope that helps!


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The Importance of Natural Point of Aim and Follow Through

long range shooting Mar 02, 2021

In this video, Rich shares the importance of the natural point of aim.

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