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Important Considerations for Rifle Mounted Flashlight Placement

weapon setup Dec 14, 2021

This is a snippet from an explanation from our low light training event this past weekend.

Placement of gear is important. Listen in as I explain placement considerations for a rifle mounted flashlight.

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How to Store and Preserve Your Ammo for Extended Periods of Time

ammo Dec 07, 2021

In this video, one of our FSW Community members, Trevor, covers different ways to store your ammo and what to look out for.

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Solo Home Clearing?

Does clearing your home solo always the best tactical decision?

Of course not.

Sometimes its better to set up in an ambush position.

For the actual one-man clearing, members can check out the rest of the Home Defense Series on the FSW University.

If you would like to join the FSW University, sign up here.

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Vehicle Attack Survival: Hood Jump Technique

situational awareness Nov 23, 2021

Bad people do bad things. The purpose of Full Spectrum Warrior is to equip you and your loved ones to survive in case the worst happens.

In today's video, I share the hood jump technique should you find yourself in a vehicle attack scenario.

This is just one small part of the complete vehicle attack survival series on the Full Spectrum Warrior University. If you would like to view the rest of the series, you can enroll in the membership here:


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The Proper Length for Your Rifle Sling

weapon setup Nov 16, 2021

In this video, I discuss setting the proper length for a two-point sling on a patrol style AR.

1. How you mount the sling can help make the rifle more manageable. The rear attachment point should be on the outside of the rifle. The front attachment point should be just ahead of where you place your support hand, mounted on the inside of the rifle.

2. The proper length of the sling will allow you to punch out from the high-ready position with a couple inches to spare. For more on the high ready position check out this video on the blog.

Members of the FSW University can check out the rest of the sling videos here.

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Nauka Face Clinch

nauka Nov 08, 2021

This face clinch comes from the Nauka Fighting System. 

Members can explore more of the Nauka Fighting System at the FSW University.


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