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Iron Sharpens Iron

community Feb 10, 2021

Quick buddy exercise from this past weekend's Protector's Summit. What a fantastic weekend with an even better group of guys.

As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

Build your community. 

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Avoiding Car Theft in Long Term Parking

situational awareness Jan 26, 2021

Today is a simple tip for avoiding car theft when you leave your car in long term parking.

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Evading an Active Shooter

In the chaos of an active shooter attack or similar situation we may find ourselves trapped in certain sections of a building or structure. At this point we might decide to establish a fight position but we may not be out of options yet. Another option for evading is going through the walls. In many cases the interior walls of newer construction building are made of sheetrock or like materials that are easily breached giving you the opportunity to advance to a new section of the floor and possibly evading the attacker.

Members can take advantage of our online training series for "Active Shooter Response" which Rich has taught to many corporations around the country! This is key information you and your family should know.

Become an FSW member and gain instant access to our digital training library.

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Upgrading Your Strikes with a Carabiner

In today's tip, Rich shares how to use an item you can carry pretty much anywhere as an improvised weapon to upgrade your strikes.

Members of the FSW can check out more videos on these tips here and here.


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Arm Slides for Mobility

mobility movement Jan 05, 2021

Working a simple but effective shoulder mobility drill today. Regardless if you have had a shoulder injury in the past or not, this series is a great way to keep your upper body fluid and to maintain strength. Our focus throughout this exercise is to maintain contact with the wall from start to finish, making sure not to arch our back or extend our neck away from the wall in order to compensate for lack of mobility and strength in our shoulders. Focus in on opening your chest while maintaining contact with the wall with slow and steady arm movements.

This is just one of many mobility exercises we can do. Join now and get instant access to the rest of our extensive training library.

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How to use the GripKnife when your muzzle gets pinned

gripknife nauka Dec 29, 2020

 One of the most common ready positions utilized with a rifle is the "low ready" technique. This might be when rounding a corner or even when a Law Enforcement Officer is simply standing guard. The muzzle is pointed down in a safe direction until brought up and aimed at the threat. If we are not careful the attacker can pin the rifle with the muzzle down. As the attacker applies downward force on our rifle it makes it extremely hard to raise our rifle up to engage them with effective shots. Here is a counter attack we can utilize with the Gripknife when in this situation!

FSW Online Training members will be entered in a drawing for a GripKnife on Jan 1st.


Join today and get automatically entered!

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Best Kick for Self-Defense NAUKA Hack Strike

nauka Dec 22, 2020

When defending yourself against an attacker outside of a sport environment going to the ground can add many complications to the fight especially if there is more then one attacker. One of the self defense kick strikes we can practice is the NAUKA Hack Strike. Similar to a stomp kick, the Hack strike allows the you to stay standing and deliver a very powerful blow to the attacker with out committing yourself to the ground. Staying upright will also give you a better vantage point for other attackers joining into the scuffle and the ability to run away or create distance when you see the opportunity to do so.

Want more effective strikes and self-defense training? Join our online training portal using our winter code: SNOWBALLS and receive 50% your yearly membership! Offer expires Jan. 15, 2021. www.fullspectrumwarrior.us

Join us Jan. 9-10 for our Concealed Carry Combatives seminar in Central FL. On sale now with a -$150 discount! Click this link for event details: ...

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Sniper Talks 100 Meter VS Yards

weapon setup Dec 08, 2020

In today's Tactical Tip, Rich discusses when to zero your rifle to either 100 meters or 100 yards.

For more on setting up your rifle, enroll in the FSW Online Membership.


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Weapon Striking

afoam nauka Dec 01, 2020

In this video, I demonstrate a common thought process from students regarding weapon striking and a different way to think about it.


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Need to Know Compass Tip for Orienteering

land nav Nov 24, 2020

Today's tip comes from this past weekend's Land Nav 1 Course. Do you know how your compass is affected by the equipment you carry? Better find out in training.

Our next land nav course is Land Navigation II on January 30th and 31st. After that, Land Navigation III is February 27th and 28th.

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