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Advanced Firearms Operations, Accuracy, and Manipulations (AFOAM) - Live Training Event

Join Veteran Navy SEAL and Special Tactics Instructor, Rich Graham, in a private, 360° outdoor shooting environment designed to give students a realistic and unique training experience they can't get at most local clubs or ranges.

We have developed the Advanced Firearms Operations, Accuracy, and Manipulations (AFOAM) course of instruction for those individuals who would like to start learning how to effectively utilize their firearms for self-defense tactics over speed shooting. We understand that competition shooting can build great shooting skills, but racing the clock does not always translate to real life techniques to increase odds of life safety. In this course we focus on how to think faster then we shoot. Begin to understand how and when we need to move to keep a tactical advantage, and when to take the shot based on how a situation is unfolding. This course will start the process of breaking down (static or one denominational) range training scars and better equip our shooters for a 360 degree environment for self-defense engagements.

Topics of Instruction:
-Teach precision marksmanship principals for real world situations (not competition)
-Develop skills for rapidly engaging multiple threats with accurate shot placement
-Re-enforce target identification and threat discrimination over “speed shooting” to ensure public safety and effectiveness
-Practice accurate shot placement while moving for dynamic situations and getting off the "X"
-Teach the “high ready / low ready” techniques, and when it is tactically advantageous to use each method
-Introduce multiple body positions from our Combat Mobility System (CMS) for proper utilization of cover and concealment
-Strengthen the shooters ability to shoot with left or right hand to gain a tactical advantage or due to situational factors
-Develop smooth transitions from carbine to pistol, along gaining an understanding of when it is adventurous to use one system over the other




Deep Woods USA Training Factility


*Price includes range fees and target materials


-3 Magazines
-400 Rounds (FRANGIBLE or Lead Free)
-Magazine pouches or holster
-Sling (recommended)

-3 Magazines
-400 Rounds (FRANGIBLE or Lead Free)
-Magazine pouches or holster
-Holster (open or concealed)

General Gear:
-Ear protection
-Eye protection
-Closed toed shoes
-Long sleeve shirt (recommended)
-Gloves (recommended)
-Hat or helmet (recommended)
-1-Gallon of water each day
-Lunch and snacks
-Clothing for the weather, range is outside
-Gun lube, cleaning kit, tools

Course Includes:
-Certificate of completion
-Full Spectrum Warrior vinyl moral patch

*This course is non-refundable
**All attendees must be able to legally own and operate a firearm as per FL and Federal laws
***If students can not safely keep up with the course tempo, the instructor staff may have students continue drills with gun clear and safe or sit out during the exercise for the safety of the group.
****Training will be conducted/licensed/insured through 5326 Solutions, LLC a tactical training and consulting company registered in the state of FL


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