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Scout Recon Long Range Marksman - Live Training Seminar

Are you ready to be able to locate, assess, and engage your targets without being seen? Your ability to not compromise your location depends on how well you're able to stealthily move your body and adapt to changing environments as you move closer to your target. Come learn how to blend into your surroundings, maneuver effectively, and gather intel using surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques at the Scout Recon Long Range Marksman course.

This 3-day course is suitable for law enforcement snipers, avid hunters ready to take the hunt to the next level, or people looking to learn or expand a valuable skill set. During the course, you will learn how to stalk targets while minimizing exposure, and how to camouflage yourself and your gear using paints and other elements in your surrounding environment to successfully maneuver into position.  Instructors will discuss how and why vantage points are used and how to employ different surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques. The course will also cover using dead space and unorthodox shooting positions to neutralize your threat without giving away your location before, during, and after the engagement.


In summary, this course will cover: 

  • Understanding how to stalk and different tips and techniques for minimizing exposure and maximizing concealment 
  • Camouflaging using paints and other natural items such as plants and vegetation to match the terrain and environment
  • How to use angles and dead space to move faster and more effectively
  • Shooting from positions of concealment 
  • Tactical water crossings
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques 
  • The 7 shooting points of performance for maximum accuracy
  • Finding stability in unorthodox shooting positions 
  • Bullet trajectory vs. line of sight, and how it applies to ranging the target
  • Mils vs. MOA and how we use each to achieve our goals
  • Ranging targets effectively utilizing the scope reticle
  • Reading mirage and environmental factors for wind adjustments
  • Environmental factors and how to adjust for predictable accuracy
  • Recognizing/analyzing bullet trace, and how to use it to make adjustments


Price: See Offers on the Right side of page.


Gear List: 

- Rifle
- 250 rounds
- Bi-pod on rifle
- DOPE book, or app.
- Note pad, calculator, pencil/pen
- Proper tools for your scope/scope rings
- Hat, long sleeve shirt and pants, hearing protection
- 2 carabiners 
- Compass 
- Hand sized hedge clippers 
- Skin camo paint 
- Waterproof bag 
- Drag bag for gun or extra gear that can get dirty 
- 2 Liters of water 
- Red Lena’s Flashlight 



- Ground pad
- Spotting scope
- Multi tool or tools for your optics
- Instructional guide for your optics
- Rifles specs including estimated minute of angle capability
- Food and water
- Proper clothing for the season
- Boone style hat 
- Light colored camouflage 



-shooting sticks 


Course Includes: 

-Certificate of completion
-Full Spectrum Warrior vinyl morale patch 


*This course is non-refundable 

**All attendees must be able to legally own and operate a firearm as per FL and Federal laws 

***If students can not safely keep up with the course tempo, the instructor staff may have students continue drills with gun clear and safe or sit out during the exercise for the safety of the group. 

****Training will be conducted/licensed/insured through 5326 Solutions, LLC a tactical training and consulting company registered in the state of FL


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