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K9 Tracking Course - Live Training

Come join us this winter in FL and learn the art of how to track down and find missing people, WITH a DOG!!!

If you have ever wanted to know how people use dogs to find lost and missing people, then this is the course for you. Join us for a two day course that will walk you through the basics of how to use your dog to find another person.

This course is ideal for any search and rescue wannabe, outdoorsman, prepper, or survivalist. Tracking is one of my absolute favorite things to do with the dogs.

Students will learn:
-How to cast their dogs at the beginning of a track to make sure they are on the proper scent to start off.

-Through practical application, students will learn how to begin reading the dog to know when they are on a track and when they are just wondering in the woods.

-How to solve the 4 most common problems while tracking with your dog.

This 2 day course will have some brief classroom time in the morning and then we will start training in Florida’s beautiful Ocala national Forest, where we will spend the rest of the day in the woods exercising these skills through practical application!


Note- This course is very strenuous and as a student you will be preforming many movements through different body positions. You don't have to have prior experience, but be aware this is far from a static course. You will sweat, and get dirty. If you ask me, that's the best part about the training.

Instructor: Joel Ryals





Deep Woods USA Training Facility


$250 for the 2 day course


Gear list:
· 30' Dog Tracking Lead (available for purchase)
· Cell Phone (with full battery)
· Boots/Pants/Long sleeves
· Backpack or camelback with water
· Snacks & lunch
· Protractor
· Ruler
· Pencil with eraser
· Small note pad
· Flash light
· Whistle
· GPS* (highly recommended)


Course Includes:
-Certificate of completion
-Full Spectrum Warrior vinyl moral patch

*This course is non-refundable
***If students can not safely keep up with the course tempo, the instructor staff may have students continue drills or sit out during the exercise for the safety of the group.
****Training will be conducted/licensed/insured through Multi-Purpose Canine, LLC a canine training and consulting company registered in the state of FL.


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