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What is Full Spectrum Warrior?

Full Spectrum Warrior is a unique approach to developing a capable and sustainable warrior mindset, skill set and physical capability and fitness level for engage hostile threats in multiple environments and situations. Primary areas of focus are:

  • Firearms & Tactical
  • Fighting & Combatives
  • Strength & Mobility
  • Leadership & Communication

Full Spectrum Warrior is a family owned and operated business that co-labors with military veterans, their families and businesses to maximize impact in the veteran community.

Who is Rich Graham?

Rich Graham is a Navy SEAL veteran and the creator of the Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) System. President of Home Front K9 Project and Vice-President of SEAL Swim Charities and currently sit on the board of Directors for both of those charities. Committed to assisting in Veteran Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

His accomplishments include:

  • SEAL Team 10 Operator
  • SEAL Team Sniper
  • Trained Security Forces for 2004 Olympics
  • Oversaw Security Teams for 2016 Olympic games
  • Tai Boxing Coach and Competitor
  • Kapap Instructor
  • Tactical advisor to multiple SRT/SWAT Teams across the country
  • Trained Police Departments across the country in Counter Terrorism Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)
  • Trained Police Departments in Brazil in counter Cartel Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)
  • Trained New Jersey Transit Police in Counter Terrorism for Cylindrical Environments (Subway)
  • Personal trainer for everyday athletes to Professional Athletes in the NFL and Olympic Athletes like Danielle Soriano
  • NAUKA Combatives Coach
  • Leadership Coaching for Wells Fargo, UBS Bank, 
  • Training and Workshops for Churches, Schools, Men's Leadership Conferences

Schools & Certificates Completed

  • Free Fall Certified Skydiver
  • Special Reconnaissance Scout School
  • High Risk Personal Security Detachment (PSD)
  • Close Quarters Defense Combatives Training
  • High Speed Driving School
  • Winter Mountaineering School
  • Dive Certified
  • Land Navigation
  • and many more...

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